About Drive Supercars

Drive Supercars was born out of a desire to give every day kiwis the opportunity to drive some of the worlds best supercars made by true masters of automotive engineering. No longer will these vehicles be the domain of the privileged few. Not only have we created the opportunity but we have made it available at an incredibly good price. It's very important for us to see the vast majority of kiwis in a position to experience this once in a life time thrill if they really want to. We believe this is now possible.

A drive in an Exotic Supercar is the ultimate Gift and if your are looking for something to really impress then we have you covered. Don't forget we also run Passenger Hotlaps in case the recipient of the gift would rather sit back and scream with excitement!

So whether it's for a special gift or it's time to fire up your own life, Drive Supercars has the thrill of a life time waiting for you. We look forward to organising what'll be an unbeatable yarn over your next BBQ or the gift that trumps all others.

For more information on specific packages please visit our products page. If you would like to read more on the amazing Supercars on offer please visit the Drive Supercar Fleet.