Aston Martin Vantage Drive & Evo-X Hot Lap, Hampton Downs

Aston Martin Vantage Drive & Evo-X Hot Lap, Hampton Downs

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Since James Bond drove a 1986 Aston Martin Vantage, this car has been synonymous with sophistication, speed and style on a whole new level! Now it's your chance to take the wheel for 8 unforgettable km's around Hampton Downs Raceway in Auckland.

  • Drive an Aston Martin Vantage Supercar
  • Located at Hampton Downs Raceway
  • In-car instructor
  • Pre-drive briefing
  • USB video options
  • Since James Bond drove a 1986 Aston Martin Vantage, this car has been synonymous with sophistication, speed and style on a whole new level! Now it's your chance to take the wheel for 8 unforgettable km's around Hampton Downs Raceway in Auckland.

    The look and feel of the Aston Martin Vantage simply has to be experienced to be believed. It's flowing lines and stark black and white paint job provide the perfect combination of beauty and strength in one.

    Take it all in as you drive for 8km around Hamptons Downs Raceway while one of our expert instructors guide you on the finer points of handling this supercar. The noise is unparalleled and the experience will never be forgotten.

    Then just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you’ll get the chance to jump into the passenger seat of the awesome Mitsubishi EvoX for a fast lap around the track. A great way to finish off the experience, every seat is as good as the next in this very capable car so whether you’re in the front or the back seat you’ll be smiling when you get out.

  • Q. Can friends and family come down and watch the drive?
    A. Spectators are more than welcome to come and share in this great experience and take photos.

    Q. Can you get a video of the drive?
    A. Yes definitely, we offer USB video sticks which is picture in picture, one camera faces you and the other camera faces the track in front of you . Check out the additional options to add these!

    Q. Are the cars Automatic or Manual?
    A. The Transmission is either automatic or paddle shift.

    Q. Do you need a full driver’s licence to participate?
    A. Yes you do, if you do not have full drivers licence one of our professional drivers can take you for a hair raising ride experience!

    Q. Are there food and drink facilities at Hampton Downs?
    A. There are basic snacks & drinks available for purchase, however we recommend bringing something with you if you want something substantial to eat on the day.

    Q. What is required from me before I have my Drive?
    A. No alcohol is to be consumed within eight hours of participating. Occupants must wear enclosed footwear. Please bring your license and your voucher for the experience

    Q. Are there height and weight restrictions?
    A. As a general comfort guide a height of 6ft 6in or below and a weight of 130kg or below is recommended however call us if you are unsure as everyone is built differently and we have never had to turn anyone away!

    Q. Do you run on weekends?
    A. Weekends are typically not available due to race events being held at the track. We run on a Thursday in most cases and periodically on alternate weekdays.

  • Really excellent experience. Everything was made just so easy and no stress, extremely friendly staff. Well organised. My instructor was brilliant, never made me fell on edge or nervous. Great advice on where to position the vehicle, breaking and when to power on. Went quicker which led me to adding more laps on. Maybe get the brakes looked at on the Aston, them seemed to shudder at bit. Thanks again.
    Angus Waterhouse - 15/03/2024
    What an awesome time!! A great day was had
    Katrina Crawley - 15/03/2024
    A thoroughly enjoyable experience. Very well organised event - friendly staff. Cannot be faulted.
    Graeme Eaton - 11/03/2024
    The afternoon was well organized. I really enjoyed driving the Aston Martin. The information prior to the event was well presented. The only small downside, was when you extend your laps you are met with card machine as you open the door to pay for the additional laps. This could be done at the desk and you can enjoy the thrill of what you just drove. But all in all a very good afternoon. Thanks
    Ryan Price - 11/03/2024
    Had a blast,instructor was great, car went good, overall a fun afternoon thanks very much and I will do this again
    Ted Michell - 08/03/2024
    A great experience, staff were amazing and Dave was awesome. Loved every minute of it. The Evo hot lap blew my mind, the driver had huge personality and you could really tell he loved his job, as well as have exceptional skill - a real experience.
    Irene Bates - 16/02/2024
    I found the entire driving experience a thrill. It was a birthday gift so I wasn’t involved in the booking process, but I understand it was straight forward. The staff were friendly and professional, the track and general facilities clean and tidy, and the cars, whilst not the latest, were exotic enough. The instructor I had was very good. A suggestion from me would be an addition to the garage - a genuine hot hatch, such as a Renault Sport Megane, VW Golf Gti, Honda Type R - I would love to try out one of those.
    Dustin McNeilage - 26/12/2023
    I had a blast. The car was great, and my instructor was awesome - enough free reign that I could stretch it, and some good advice to help me get some better lines. We actually both had a hoot which was super cool Thanks heaps to all of you!
    Roger Russell - 24/12/2023
    Awesome day. Super friendly and helpful staff. Will definitely be back to try out some of the other cars. 10/10!
    Joseph Banks - 24/11/2023
    What an excellent day from start to finish. Great staff well explained, efficient smoothly run. Will definitely recommend and return.
    Penny Brown - 28/10/2023