Mitsubishi EVO X Hotlap Child, Hampton Downs

Let the professional take you for a spin in our Mitsubishi Evo X! Race the straight, fly around the corners and get your drivers line at Hampton Downs. Bring your smiles - this will be an experience you will NEVER forget!

This package is designed to give you a taste of racing around the Hampton Downs circuit & is included as part of our Supercar driving packages. The Hot Lap is from pit exit to pit entry & so takes on average just short of 2 minutes, and so the price point reflects the brevity of the experience. 

Our driver will be ready for you when you show up at the pits in Hampton Downs. Engine revved and ready to go for a ride of your life!

Seatbelts on, helmet strapped and you are ready to go...

Was $25
Now $25
Or $2.65 per week for 10 weeks

*Valid for 6 Months

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Hampton Downs Rd, Waikato

Additional Info

This experience is for 1 person aged 10-16 years old


30 mins for full experience

Dress Code

Casual clothing



Last 10 Reviews

5 / 5
- 13/12/18

Done a drive in a Gallardo years ago and it was a great experience. Quite pleased to have the opportunity to drive the Exige this time. From the simple and effective online booking , all the way to the end of the ride, the staff has been very helpful and friendly , including the drive instructor who was there to make sure it's a safe and enjoyable drive. Look forward to driving a different car one day. Thank you and keep up the good work people !

5 / 5
- 12/12/18

We both had a great time driving. For someone who said he wasn't keen on going fast, my husband said the Hot Lap was his favourite part.

5 / 5
- 08/12/18

Great experience, good instructors just a great day.

5 / 5
- 08/12/18

It was a Great day and Well planed out with very friendly people :)

5 / 5
- 07/12/18

Hi guys and girls Thank you for a great day yesterday it was the highlight of the year. the instructors were awesome and everybody very friendly. If i was to have one criticism, it was the long waits between cars, the weather didn't help I do realise that, also I had a photo band on and if it wasn't until I asked what it was for at the end of the day, I wouldn't have had a photo done. these are minor things that did not spoil a great day, please see it as constructive criticism. Thanks again Tony Mayfield

5 / 5
- 07/12/18

I had a great time. Loved the cars, the staff, and the whole experience. I’ll be back for sure. Thanks

5 / 5
- 07/12/18

Awesome time at Hampton Downs ! Anybody wanting to get behind the wheel of one of these super cars i recommend choose the Aston Martin! way better than the lambo,ferari, and the lotus

5 / 5
- 22/11/18

Apologises for not replying sooner. The drive was a present for my wife and I would have to say that she had a FANTASTIC time. A little tentitive for the 1st lap but after that - full on. Thanks for the chance to give her this drive. Staff, car, facilities were all A1.

5 / 5
- 10/11/18

Great experience. Friendly and helpful staff. worth recommending. Only suggestion is that the hot lap in the evo was too short. Didn't actually complete a full lap. Should be 3 laps to provide value for money.

5 / 5
- 05/11/18

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Also found the instructor very helpful with detailed instructions. Would love to do it again but doubt if I will