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Oh the choices…what a life when you get to choose between driving a Lamborghini, Ferrari or an Aston Martin!

  • Your session begins with a Video Safety Briefing
  • A passenger Sighting Lap familarises you with the circuit
  • You Drive 8km in either a Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Ferrari
  • Finish your day with a mind blowing passenger Evo-X Hot Lap
  • Oh the choices…what a life when you get to choose between driving a Lamborghini, Ferrari or an Aston Martin!

    Would you go for the Lamborghini's raw V12 power, the Aston Martin's style & sophistication, or the soft and aerodynamic lines of the convertible Ferrari F430 Spyder? Yes – the choice is yours!

    Experience the power of one of these supercars driving for 8km around Hampton Downs Raceway as one of our expert instructors provide guidance on the finer points of handling these beautiful machines. If this wasn’t already one of the best ways to spend a day, we wrap it up in style with a flying hot lap in the passenger seat of the awesome Mitsubishi EvoX. The ultimate end to a once in a life-time driving experience, every seat in this 4-door superstar is as good as the next, whether you’re in the front seat or the back we're sure you’ll be smiling from ear to ear when you get out.

    See you at the track!


  • Q. Can friends and family come down and watch the drive?
    A. Spectators are more than welcome to come and share in this great experience and take photos. Evo-X Hot Laps are available for purchase on the day at $39 per Adult and $25 per child which is a fantastic and affordable way for spectators to get involved.

    Q. Can you get DVD’s and/or Photos of the drive?
    A. Yes definitely, we offer USB video sticks which capture a picture in picture recording of both the driver and the track in front of the car. You are also welcome to take your own photos by the car. Check out the additional options to add the USB Video!

    Q. Do you need a full driver’s license to participate?
    A. Yes you do, if you do not have a full drivers licence one of our professional drivers can take you for a hair raising drive.

    Q. Are there food and drink facilities at Hampton Downs?
    A. There are basic snacks & drinks available for purchase, however we recommend bringing something with you if you want something substantial to eat on the day.

    Q. Any Height and Weight Restrictions?
    A. As a general guide if you are bigger than 6ft 5in and a weight of 120kg the lotus may be a bit of a squeeze however please call us to discuss.

    Q. What is required from me before I have my Drive?
    A. No alcohol is to be consumed within eight hours of participating. Occupants must wear long non flammable clothing, long pants and enclosed footwear.

    Q. What is the Total Drive Time?
    A. Approximately 8 km's

    Q. Do you run on weekends?
    A. Weekends are not available due to race events being held at the track. We run on a Thursday in most cases and periodically on alternate weekdays.

    Q. Am I insured when driving the cars?
    A. All cars are insured. Each driving package includes the standard insurance which has an excess payable in the case of any damage caused by driver fault of $4,000. We offer an 'Insurance Plus' option for $49 which gives total peace of mind and reduces the excess to $0, this applies to all cars driven on the day. This option can be added when progressing through to the shopping cart, any questions feel free to give us a call on 0800 374 834


  • Best day ever, best birthday present by miles :) wonderful sunny day and the staff were so friendly and it was so much fun. Amazing experience to drive the Ferrari and the Aston Martin; the hot lap was fast. I loved it so much that I am going to own a Ferrari in the future :)
    Nia Belcher - 15/05/2024
    This was a great birthday gift from Frazer and Hayden. Used to have a truck carrying business with Alpine signwriting with Airbrushed Lamborghini painted by Ian Foster. So was always a dream to drive a Lambo. Great day very professional and awsome fun, highly recommend.
    Dave Skinner - 14/05/2024
    This has to be the best Birthday present I have had. What a totally amazing fantastic day it was. From booking in to driving the Lamborghini the whole team were fantastic and very helpful. Massive shout out to Stu who was with me during my Supercar experience, what a Guy with amazing knowledge and truly made my experience very pleasurable. The EVO hot lap was....well let's just say very fast....loved it. What a great day, brilliant experience. Thanks Team.
    Tom Platt - 11/05/2024
    testing feedback page - excellent!
    Kevin Horne - 11/05/2024
    Fantastic time, thanks. Right from the booking process with Eddie, then meeting with Dave. The girls that co-ordinate the laps, everyone was amazing, no faults, perfect day, thanks so much. KG
    Stephen Pickett - 12/04/2024
    I had an excellent time with you guys at the track. Something I will always remember. Very well organized and great staff. Thankyou all
    Roger Winkels - 27/03/2024
    My son had the best experience! Thank you Supercars. He was unable to drive the manual car, and so the staff were so kind and let him drive an automatic McLaren, even though that was not what we booked! We so appreciated that Supercars were super flexible and kind, as it made the entire experience so good! I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone... We will be back... Thank you
    Leah McLauchlan - 18/03/2024
    Really excellent experience. Everything was made just so easy and no stress, extremely friendly staff. Well organised. My instructor was brilliant, never made me fell on edge or nervous. Great advice on where to position the vehicle, breaking and when to power on. Went quicker which led me to adding more laps on. Maybe get the brakes looked at on the Aston, them seemed to shudder at bit. Thanks again.
    Angus Waterhouse - 15/03/2024
    What an awesome time!! A great day was had
    Katrina Crawley - 15/03/2024
    Great team, very friendly and accommodating to individual requirements. Had a great time. Phil
    Philip Driscoll - 15/03/2024