Lamborghini Tricolore Drive & EvoX Hot Lap

Lamborghini Tricolore Drive & EvoX Hot Lap

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This is the pinnacle of driving experiences! Take the wheel of a Lamborghini Tricolore around Hampton Downs Motorsport Park and you will instantly realise why this is one of the greatest cars in the world. The power, the sound, the experience will never be forgotten.

  • Drive a Lamborghini Tricolore
  • Located at Hampton Downs Raceway
  • In-car instructor
  • Pre-drive briefing
  • Photo and USB video options
  • This is the pinnacle of driving experiences! Take the wheel of a Lamborghini Tricolore around Hampton Downs Motorsport Park and you will instantly realise why this is one of the greatest cars in the world. The power, the sound, the experience will never be forgotten.

    The Lamborghini Tricolore has an unsurpassed style & unbelievable power - a combination that only Lamborghini can perfectly combine. Simply astonishing.

    Take it all in as you drive for 8km around Hamptons Downs Raceway while one of our expert drivers guide you on the finer points of handling this supercar. The noise is unparalleled and the experience will never be forgotten.

    Then just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you’ll get the chance to jump into the passenger seat of the awesome Mitsubishi EvoX for a fast lap around the track. A great way to finish off the experience, every seat is as good as the next in this very capable car so whether you’re in the front or the back seat you’ll be smiling when you get out. The ultimate end to a once in a life-time driving experience.

  • Q. Can friends and family come down and watch the drive?
    A. Spectators are more than welcome to come and share in this great experience and take photos.

    Q. Can you get a video of the drive?
    A. Yes definitely, we offer USB video sticks which is picture in picture, one camera faces you and the other camera faces the track in front of you . Check out the additional options to add these!

    Q. Are the cars Automatic or Manual?
    A. The Transmission is either automatic or paddle shift.

    Q. Do you need a full driver’s licence to participate?
    A. Yes you do, if you do not have full drivers licence one of our professional drivers can take you for a hair raising ride experience!

    Q. Are there food and drink facilities at Hampton Downs?
    A. There are basic snacks & drinks available for purchase, however we recommend bringing something with you if you want something substantial to eat on the day.

    Q. What is required from me before I have my Drive?
    A. No alcohol is to be consumed within eight hours of participating. Occupants must wear enclosed footwear. Please bring your license and your voucher for the experience

    Q. Are there height and weight restrictions?
    A. As a general comfort guide a height of 6ft 6in or below and a weight of 130kg or below is recommended however call us if you are unsure as everyone is built differently and we have never had to turn anyone away!

    Q. Do you run on weekends?
    A. Weekends are typically not available due to race events being held at the track. We run on a Thursday in most cases and periodically on alternate weekdays.

  • This was a great birthday gift from Frazer and Hayden. Used to have a truck carrying business with Alpine signwriting with Airbrushed Lamborghini painted by Ian Foster. So was always a dream to drive a Lambo. Great day very professional and awsome fun, highly recommend.
    Dave Skinner - 14/05/2024
    This has to be the best Birthday present I have had. What a totally amazing fantastic day it was. From booking in to driving the Lamborghini the whole team were fantastic and very helpful. Massive shout out to Stu who was with me during my Supercar experience, what a Guy with amazing knowledge and truly made my experience very pleasurable. The EVO hot lap was....well let's just say very fast....loved it. What a great day, brilliant experience. Thanks Team.
    Tom Platt - 11/05/2024
    My son had the best experience! Thank you Supercars. He was unable to drive the manual car, and so the staff were so kind and let him drive an automatic McLaren, even though that was not what we booked! We so appreciated that Supercars were super flexible and kind, as it made the entire experience so good! I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone... We will be back... Thank you
    Leah McLauchlan - 18/03/2024
    Great afternoon and the cars are incredible! The crew were super helpful, friendly and went out of their way to ensure we were looked after - including a couple of bonus laps to pass the time while I waited for my drive! Would thoroughly recommend this as an experience of a lifetime!
    Mike O’Brien - 09/03/2024
    Overall, an excellent experience. The Lotus was great. I could push it hard, throw it around, and was even encouraged to do so. The Lambo was fun, but the elderly instructor did his best to take the joy out of it. The car was left in economy mode, so I had to get very aggressive with the accelerator to make it kick down, and only managed it once. I wish I had a dollar for every time the instructor said "brake, brake, brake". He ordered me to start braking a full 200m before the brake point marker on the front straight because he was freaking out at 160kmh. He kept telling me off for going too fast - "it's a supercar drive, not a supercar race". When I commented that it was over too soon, he said "if you drove slower, you would still be on the track". I am an experienced racer, so he would have known by the end of the first lap that his life was not at risk. If I did it again, I would skip the supercars and just go for maximum laps in the Lotus. Plus the Evo hot lap - that was awesome! I ended up being the only passenger, so I think the driver went for 10/10ths. It was insane! I couldn't stop smiling for days. Thanks very much for the effort the crew put in to give me an enjoyable experience. It was truly once in a lifetime.
    Roger Klaver - 20/02/2024
    What an amazing experience !!! Absolutely LOVED IT! Thanks so much to the team at Drive Supercars. I will definitely be back :)
    Tamara Ujdur - 18/02/2024
    Could not have been a better day your staff were actually amazing plus the experience was 2nd to none. Can't thank you guys enough. Will recommend to my mates and friends. Thanks for the experience.
    Robbie Leijh - 16/02/2024
    Really enjoyed the experience, well organized considering the mix of people and personalities ??
    Hayden Currie - 22/12/2023
    Awesome experience! Instructors and all staff were very professional, knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Lamborghini Tricolore and Lotus was outstanding, while EVO-X Hot Lap exceeding all expectations. Thank you so much ?? Regards, Pankul
    Pankul Bakshi - 22/12/2023
    Beautifully orchestrated day. Well done thanks
    Steve Raynor - 22/12/2023