Ultimate Supercar Driving Experience - Hampton Downs, Auckland

Driving heaven! Take the wheel of 4 of the world's greatest Supercars around Hampton Downs Raceway. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lotus - they're all here & you're in control!

Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari F430 Spyder, Aston Martin V8 Vantage & Lotus Exige! This breathtaking lineup will be waiting for you on your arrival.

Starting off with a briefing around the cars & the track, you'll then be taken out & introduced to your professional instructors for the day. They'll take you through the in's and out's of handling these amazing Supercars as you strap into the drivers seat and turn the ignition.

Take it all in as you drive for 8km in each car around Hamptons Downs Raceway while one of our expert instructors guide you on the finer points of handling these supercars. The noise is unparalleled and the experience will never be forgotten.

Then just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you’ll get the chance to jump into the passenger seat of the awesome Mitsubishi EvoX for a fast lap around the track. A great way to finish off the experience, every seat is as good as the next in this very capable car so whether you’re in the front or the back seat you’ll be smiling when you get out.

Was $1846
Now $1299
Or $137.69 per week for 10 weeks

*Valid for 6 Months

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Hampton Downs Rd, Waikato

Additional Info

Please note that drivers must have a current and valid full drivers licence to participate in the drive experience

Please note that this is a ‘Driving Experience’ and not a ‘Race Day’, while you will get to experience the performance capabilities of the Supercar some restrictions to cornering speeds will apply on the day

This experience runs on Thursdays, once a month & we recommend booking 4-6 weeks in advance.

As a general guide there is a height restriction of 6ft 5in and a weight restriction of 120kg, if you are outside of these parameters please call us to discuss available options

Spectators: All family and friends are welcome. We also offer Hot Laps in all of the Supercars on the day (Pay & Drive). If your guests bring their Driving Licence with them they can also drive on the day too (subject to availability)

The Transmission in the lotus and Murcielago are stick shift manual, the other cars are is F1 (Paddle Shift) however they have an Automatic mode if preferred

You must be drug and alcohol free, otherwise we reserve the right to refuse participation


From arrival to departure - please allow two and a half hours for your drive experience

Dress Code

Casual clothes are fine - please wear enclosed footwear


Q: Do I need to have a driver’s licence?
A: Yes, all drivers must have a current and valid full drivers licence.

Q: Do I drive the 4 Supercars or does someone drive me?
A: Yes, YOU are the driver!

Q: Can family and friends come and watch?
A: Yes, definitely! We highly recommend you bring spectators...and have them bring their cameras!

Q: What track do we drive on?
A: You will be driving on the awesome Hampton Downs Motorpark Racetrack.

Q: How many kilometres do I drive?
A: You will drive approximately 8 kilometres in EACH car. A total of 32 kilometres plus the additional Hot Lap driven by a professional.

Q. Do you run on weekends?
A. Weekends are typically not available due to race events being held at the track. We run on a Thursday in most cases and periodically on alternate weekdays.


Last 10 Reviews

5 / 5
- 07/12/18

Hi guys and girls Thank you for a great day yesterday it was the highlight of the year. the instructors were awesome and everybody very friendly. If i was to have one criticism, it was the long waits between cars, the weather didn't help I do realise that, also I had a photo band on and if it wasn't until I asked what it was for at the end of the day, I wouldn't have had a photo done. these are minor things that did not spoil a great day, please see it as constructive criticism. Thanks again Tony Mayfield

5 / 5
- 06/10/18

A very well run day, would Highly recommend people experience Driving all the supercars like I did

5 / 5
- 17/11/17

I’ve done a lot of track days in some pretty well sorted road cars ao was pretty excited at the prospect of driving these pin-up Euro Supercars! I was not disappointed! The braking technique was a new experience as I’m used to braking late and hard into turn but the experience was more akin to fast road driving with lovely fast flowing cornering and smooth powerful acceleration being the goal on the day. All the instructors knew the cars so well and really made me feel welcome and relaxed in the cars. All support crew were very welcoming and helpful! I was fortunate to drive five cars on the day and loved them all, the F430 and Gallardo in particular. The sound and handling of these two were marvellous like a blend of the Elise and Vantage with massive personality. The experience has prompted my wife and I to search for another high performance sports car to renew our shared passion for track days and driving enjoyment! Thanks to all the team!

5 / 5
- 21/01/17

An amazing experience! Extremely well organised! The pit crew went out of their way to make you feel welcome, and were so positive and friendly. Everything was professionally and clearly explained, allowing you to make the most of the circuits and have the best possible experience. The cars themselves were breathe taking to drive. It took me days to stop smiling!!!

5 / 5
- 28/11/16

My wife bought me the Ultimate Supercar Driving Experience for my birthday and what a gift it was. Started off with the Lotus Exige which taught me more about where to place the car on the race track. Then it was into the Aston. A car more to my liking of luxurious cruisers. Then I had all my hair blown off driving the convertible Ferrari 430 - what a car. The sound with the top down giving it full noise along the home straight was one of the highlights of the morning. Then the two Lamborghini's. The Gallardo and the Murcielago. This is the reason I was here. Firstly to warm up with the Gallardo. That noise of the V10 just behind your head, the feel of the grip the car offers and then the acceleration as you feed in the power. Just amazing. To finish off with the Murcielago was the icing on the cake. Manual 6.5L V12. 580 odd horsepower. Just sitting in the car was an experience in itself. You then let the clutch out and proceed onto the race track. Out of the five cars I drove on the day, the Murcielago is the one I'd drive home with. Im sure I didn't even get close to what this amazing car can offer but it was a privilege just to sample what she can do. The day finished off with my wife enjoying the hotlap in NZ's fastest car. What a day!!!!! I'd recommend the experience to anyone who appreciates fine automobiles. For those of us who cant afford to buy supercars, this is the next best thing.