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Lamborghini Murciélago 6.2 Luc Donckerwolcke Automobili Lamborghini SpA $575,000 + Options Over 330 Km/h (205 Mph) depending on aerodynamic configuration
0 - 100 Km/h : 3.6 sec.
0 - 200 Km/h : 11.4 sec.
Max. power : 580 PS (426 kW) at 7500 rpm
Max. torque : 650 Nm at 5400 rpm
Tubular frame made from highstrength steel alloy with carbon fibre structural sections In carbon fibre, except roof and door external panels (steel) Independent front and rear double wishbones, anti-roll bars, anti-dive and anti-squat, electronic self-adjusting shock absorber system (FSD) with manual and automatic control
Type : V-12 60 degree, lightalloy block, mid mounted (longitudal), permantent four-wheel drive with viscous traction system DOHC, 48 valves, intake and exhaust variable valve timing, electronically controlled City : 32.6 l/100 Km (9 mpg, e-Gear 10 mpg),
Highway : 15.1 l/100 Km (13 mpg, e-Gear 15 mpg)

Lamborghini Murcielago

When Audi took over, the Diablo replacement was nearly ready in Sant’Agata, the Zagato designed model that Vittorio di Capua, the president of Automobili Lamborghini SpA at that time, wanted to call ‘Canto’ was about to enter production, but Ferdinand Pïech didn’t like this design, it featured giant air intakes at the rear and just wasn’t what Dr Pïech expected from a Lamborghini, so he decided to have the Diablo successor redesigned.

Dr. Pïech asked for a new proposition from the Audi design department, this one would be compared with a reworked Zagato Canto, a design from I.D.E.A. and a third prototype that was ordered from the Bertone design studio’s. Zagato’s new design was again rejected, also the I.D.E.A. model wasn’t what Dr Pïech had in mind, so the Bertone design and the one from Audi would be used. At this moment, time was running out on the Diablo replacement, so a restyling of the current Diablo model was needed, before the focus could be directed to the new model.

The Audi designer Luc Donckerwolcke was asked to update the aging style of the Diablo, so he created the refreshing 6.0 VT model, when we look at it, now that the L147 is shown, it is clear this model was a preview of what Lamborghini was about to present as a successor. ‘A Lamborghini isn’t just designed and presented to the public like a normal car, it is born from below the earth, like a volcanic eruption, under thundering lightning it will emerge from the dark ...’

The new Lamborghini, which was known only as the L147 project during development, was first unveiled during an awesome show at the foot of the Etna volcano on Sicily, a select group of about 200 people were flown to Sicily on Friday to participate in the most impressive release of any Lamborghini model ever.

As usual with Lamborghini, the ‘Murciélago’ name was taken from bullfighting, during a fight in 1879, this legendary bull was still standing after 24 stabs from the ‘espada’, the matador’s sword. Pressured by the audience, this fierce bull was kept alive, later it was acquired by Don Antonio Miura, yes, the guy that breed the famous Miura bulls that named the very first mid-engine road car, the magnificent Lamborghini Miura.

The rather controversial styling of this new Lamborghini stirred some emotions from both owners and enthusiasts all over the world, it is true that the refreshing new Murciélago design wasn’t created by an Italian, but by Luc Donckerwolcke, who was also present at the presentation at the factory. At first Donckerwolcke supervised the design together with a team of Bertone designers, but this combination didn’t work out so it was decided to end this partnership and the new Lamborghini would be designed by Luc Donckerwolcke himself.

Donckerwolcke actually involved the Lamborghini engineers into the design, asking them what they needed and expected, their input considerably styled the bodywork, since they actually asked for the massive air intakes in the front bumper and the shoulder mounted intakes to cool down the massive, new 6.2-Liter V12.

One can say without a doubt that the new Lamborghini model was probably the most developed model ever built by Automobili Lamborghini SpA, with the help of Audi this Lamborghini was thoroughly tested and re-tested, until everything was exactly to way it should be. The Murciélago had been tested in the most extreme environmental conditions, this was actually a first for Lamborghini, since the previous models were all tested on the roads surrounding Sant’Agata and on the Nardo circuit. The Murciélago was even taken to a deserted area in the United States to be tested in very high temperatures and at a very low humidity, just to make sure it would perform up to the specifications, no matter under which conditions. It is easy to conclude that the Murciélago is one of the most impressive models ever to roll out of it’s Lamborghini birth place at Sant’Agata.